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Bee-Pure Honey is fresh honey direct from a real Wisconsin beekeeper.  We produce high quality, natural liquid honey, honeycomb, raw honey and some spiced honey that will tickle your taste buds.

Our products are minimally processed to preserve the real honey flavor of days gone by.  We NEVER add anything to our honey — no sugar, no fructose, no water — just hard work and care from us and our bees!  100% PURE — we guarantee it.

Small batch processed by straining, never filtering or overly heating, we provide you with best nature has to offer …and we have the stings to prove it!

We offer a “sweet” shopping experience as well as bee trivia along the way, and recipes for you foodies.  Head on over to our online store and see for yourself.

We will maintain a superior level of honesty and integrity with customers, employees and vendors, providing only the highest quality products, while being a socially responsible business.

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Hakeem Karamat Ullah (Fazil ul Tibb wal Jarahat FTJ), a registered Tabeeb from National Council Of Tibb, joined Pansari as our Virtual Online Hakeem to provide medicinal guidance to all of our customers.

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