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Life moves at a fast pace these days so it’s very important to keep your body and soul together. In this fast moving era people are more prone to depression and anxiety but if you keep a check on your health you will never succumb to the above mentioned devils. Keeping your body fit and healthy should be your first priority here we will quote some health tips for you to follow.

  • States your day with meditation. It’s good to concentrate your thoughts on peace and prosperity before you join the noisy world.
  • Have four glasses of water after getting out of bed. Because our liver works all night to digest the food it gets dehydrated. When water is consumed the balance of the bodily fluids is retained.
  • Go for a morning jog. The best time for jogging is early in the morning. The blood circulation in the body will keep you enthusiastic and alert the whole day. Jogging also has the ability to brighten your mood .
  • Have a breakfast fit for a king. The myth that you shouldn’t have much in breakfast is ridiculous. When you consume more food in the morning your body gets the energy it requires to do the daily jobs and when you get your tummy full in the breakfast you wont feel the need to consume junk food after 12 o clock.
  • Take breaks when you are working. It is not good to keep on working all the time it is important to take considerable amount of breaks in between work.
  • It is important to take siesta in the evening. If you are at home on holidays make sure you sleep for sometimes in the evening. Sleeping in the evening gives your energy and makes you feel fit and healthy for the rest of your day.
  • In spite of consuming coffee with milk and sugar make sure you have your coffee black without any ingredients. Having black coffee comes would tons of benefits. It will make your feel energised and it will also help you to lose considerable amount of weight so if you want to lose your weight without going on a strict diet consume Black coffee.
  • It is never a good idea to go on a strict diet to lose your weight. Have balance diet instead Consume lesser food but don’t starve yourself starring wont help you lose your weight.
  • Make sure when you sleep at night you sleep in a room with moderate temperature. it is never a good idea to sleep in too hot or too Cool a room. Sleep in a room of moderate temperature to improve the quality of your sleep..
  • Pray before you fall asleep because praying has a good effect on your immune system.
  • Consume less food at night because at night the functioning of liver and stomach is slow and because of that the dinner is not digested at a fast pace at night..

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Hakeem Karamat Ullah (Fazil ul Tibb wal Jarahat FTJ), a registered Tabeeb from National Council Of Tibb, joined Pansari as our Virtual Online Hakeem to provide medicinal guidance to all of our customers.

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