Original Honey

how to check original honey

Honey in its purest form..

We have the best of the best available in our Pakistan first pansar store and the one thing which stands out among all the products is our honey..

We believe in quality that’s why the honey we have is too good for words. It is pure and delicious and it has been Acquired through beehives ( the natural abode of bees ) the honey we have is pure in quality and it’s so good in taste that you will be amazed after having it. We have acquired the honey we have from different places of Pakistan and we made sure that it’s pure and tasty..

Quality test of Honey..

You have acquired a bottle of honey from somewhere and you want to see if it’s pure or not we have a method for that.

Just take a glass of water and add a spoonful of honey in it. If the honey is pure it will settle down at the bottom of the glass and if the honey is not pure it will scatter in the glass..

The honey we have always settle at the bottom of the glass which is full of water. We believe in quality that’s why we never play our valued customers..

Impurities Free Honey..

Usually the honey people get from market is full of impurities. The merchants add sugar and different ingredients in honey to make it more sweet and suitable but we don’t do any such thing. We have never added any impurity in our honey. We don’t believe in mixing sugar in honey to make it sweet. The honey which is available at our ship is naturally sweet and it’s impurity free..

While you will relish the taste of our honey you will feel as if you have gone in ancients times where pure honey was available once. We don’t add fructose water and sugar in our honey. We try to preserve it in its natural form..

Our honey can cure disease.

Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him laid great importance on the effectiveness of honey. He PBUH said that honey has the ability to cure any ailment that has ever existed in the world except death. The honey we have in our shop is available at its natural form. It came straight from the beehives and that’s why it’s rich in value. It has Shifa in it.

We are the Pakistan first online pansar store and we believe in the natural treatment of ailments via herbs. Our mighty Hakeem Karamat Ullah is a master of herbal treatment and he has rendered his great services to humanity for most years of his life. With his dedication and help we have acquired valuable herbs from different places and placed them in our website for you to shop. By the grace of Allah when you will consume the honey from our shop you will feel better in body and spirits.

Feel free to visit our website. We have precious herbs available for you at extremely cheap rates..